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Small & Medium Wind Turbine Gearboxes - SBH 410/S & SBH 280/80

Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Spesialdesignet hastighetsøker for vindmøller
Arbeider i en høyde på 40 meter fra bakkenivå
Passer opptil 250 kW


Elecon has developed small and medium capacity wind turbine gearboxes in 55 kW (SBH 410/S) and 250 kW (SBH 280/80). These gearboxes are coaxial shaft mounted working at a height of 40 meters from ground level. Internals are carburized, hardened, ground and specifically profile corrected for speed increasing gear application.

This helical type gearbox is mounted on the turbine shaft with a shrink disc. Gear teeth and bearing are bath / splash lubricated.

Egenskaper Helical speed increaser gear box suitable upto 100 Kw wind mill
Fordeler Spesialdesignet hastighetsøker for vindmøller
Tekniske spesifikasjoner    Suitable upto 250 kW power generation and ratio up to 40:1
Produktapplikasjon Wind Mill for Wind Power Generation
Område Custom Built to suit client's requirement & available up to 350 kW capacity

Technical Specification

Wind Mill Gearbox    Power      Turbine Speed    Generator Shaft Speed    Speed increasing Ratio   Weight
SBH 410/S 250 kW 41.5 rpm 1515.6 rpm 36.521:1 1800 kg. approx.
SBH 280/80 55 kW 58 rpm 1031.2 rpm 17.778:1 675 kg. approx.


  • Wind Mill
  • Small & Medium Wind Turbine
  • High Capacity Wind Turbine


  • Power Industry
  • Windmill
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