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Vertikali ritininio malūno pavarų dėžė

Planetary Gearboxes

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Roller Mils are directly driven bevel-wheel planetary gears or bevel cylindrical gear units.
The gear unit represents an almost integral component of the mill. The output flange of the gear unit is rigidly connected with the grinding table. In addition to transmitting the torque ,the gear unit also has capability  to take up the reaction forces from the the griding force of the mil’s rollers.
Hydro dynamically or hydrostatically lubricated thrust bearing being mounted in the upper housing parts of the gear unit absorb the grinding force which is then transferred though the housing into mill’s foundation .
This growing number of roller mills in operation as well as the increasing specific need and demand of gear transmission feature.

funkcijos Bevel Planetary Gear box with horizontal input and vertically flanged output shaft with inbuilt thrust bearings.
Privalumai Compact design suitable for high power transmission and capable of withstanding high loads due to grinding rollers.
Techninės specifikacijos    B2PV 101 to B2PV 186
Produkto taikymas Vertical Roller Mills for grinding in Coal, Raw and Cement
diapazonas Power up to 5,600 kW , Torque capacity 2500 kNm


  • Vertical Roller Mill
  • Vertical Coal Pulverizer

Pramonės šakos

  • Cement Industry
  • Power Industry
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