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Consulting, Service & Rebuild

Acute service
Rebuild of gears
Energy Optimization
Process Improvement
Technical advice
Training of personnel
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We will inspect your gearbox and get back with a quote

Send your gearbox or jack to us for inspection regardless of brand. We assess the condition of the gearbox and what measures need to be taken. Sometimes a service and possible renovation are enough, but in some cases, the gearbox may need to be replaced. After the inspection, we produce a financial quote for the proposed measures.
Benzlers has, for a very long time, belonged to the Swedish industry's "preferred partners" in our areas of expertise; gears, jacks, geared motors, industrial gears, and other mechanical structural elements.
Our service technicians will do repairs and maintenance at existing factories, both in acute breakdown scenarios and in the case of a planned expansion or upgrade.
We regularly take on the role of advisors, both regarding production facilities and, in cooperation with the industry in question, in process & energy optimization issues.
Our engineers & technicians are highly valued within the industry and known for their high & broad competence.
Benzlers can therefore display an impressive list of references in our area of expertise. If you are interested in hearing more about our capacity, please fill out the form next to this - we will contact you immediately afterward.
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