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Shaft mounted helical

Series F

Output torque up to 16,500 Nm
Can also be supplied with the KIBO® mounting system
Can also be delivered as ATEX approved

Product description

Benzler's Series F, shaft-mounted pinion gears, is a reliable and high-performance transmission solution that offers a lot of Nm for the money.

The gear type is called "flat gear" by other manufacturers, due to the flat outer dimensions. Here at Benzlers, it's called "tap gear motor" or tap gear motor". The name originally came about when the series was introduced under the name Benzler's Tap Gear Motor "BTM". The gear housing is made of an all-cast robust cast iron construction.

As standard, the electric motor is an IEC motor mounted in a hollow shaft with a composite bushing.

Series F covers a performance range of up to 110 kW power and 16,500 Nm output torque.

Use of IEC standard motors, which provides a large selection of electric motors, e.g. brake motors, motor with extra cooling, extra energy efficient motors, etc. In addition, IEC standard motors make the end user's life easier by the fact that these motors are easily available worldwide.

The units are also available with torque arms, torque bushings (rubber), output flanges, output shafts, KIBO® (Benzler's unique shaft assembly system), clamping elements, etc.

Benzlers Series F can be delivered as 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-step gearboxes in all imaginable versions such as e.g. flange-mounted, foot-mounted or shaft-mounted. Common equipment is e.g. backstop & encoder flange,

The tap changers in Series F are part of our SWIFT range and therefore contain the same modular components as e.g. our series M spur gears and series K bevel gears. Our modular component system means that we have been able to minimize our inventory, which in turn makes the SWIFT product range very suitable for retailers.

All gear housings are made of cast iron.

Product specifications


03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12


Up to 110 KW


Up to 16,500 Nm output torque.

Gear ratios

From 5:1 to 100:1 and up to 5,600:1 in combined units.

Motor sizes

From IEC 63 to 225

Special Features

Can also be supplied with the KIBO® mounting system, Can also be supplied as ATEX approved.

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