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Benzlers Worm gears and worm gear motors

Series BS

Output torque up to 310 Nm
Can also be delivered in an "environmental" version
Can also be delivered as ATEX approved

Product description

Benzlers series BS worm gears have a compact design and offer a high capacity of transmitted torque. BS worm gear can be delivered as a single gear or as a complete geared motor. The program includes all necessary accessories, such as output flanges, output shaft pins, mounting feet, torque arm, etc. In addition, there are assembly flanges that make it possible to assemble several worm gears. This achieves high ratios while maintaining compact installation dimensions.

As a geared motor, the worm gear is supplied with an IEC standard motor mounted with a flexible coupling. This increases the service life, partly because the worm shaft & motor shaft are then stored separately and partly because the flexible coupling between these 2 shafts can absorb any direction errors and compensate for pulsating loads.

The use of IEC standard motors provides access to a wide range of motor configurations, e.g. stainless motors. Furthermore, the end user gets the benefit of being able to easily purchase standardized motors locally as IEC motors are affordable worldwide.

For use in aggressive environments, e.g. in the food industry where the equipment is exposed to a lot of cleaning, we offer an "environmental variant" coated with a protective layer of Tufram which protects the aluminum housing against aggressive detergents. In addition, the gear is equipped with a stainless hollow shaft that completes the completely stainless design.
Combined with the easy-to-clean and smooth exteriors, Benzler's BS series offers specifications that match or exceed stainless gear solutions. This is at a price that, relatively speaking, is very competitive.

Product specifications


40, 50, 63, 71


Up to 4 KW


Up to 310 Nm output torque.

Gear ratios

Up to 104:1, plus possibilities to combine several gears to achieve higher ratios.

Motor sizes

From IEC 63 to 112

Special Features

"Environmental" version with stainless output shaft for the food industry., Can also be supplied as ATEX approved.


  • Steel
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