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Mechanical transmissions through the decades...

As part of a global group with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical and electromechanical transmission products, Benzlers creates value for our customers as a supplier, service partner and consultant.
Our product program covers all types of mechanical transmissions:
Worm gears
Screw jacks
Industrial gearboxes
Complete transmission solutions
Our expertise goes from acute help in breakdown situations to training engineers and maintenance staff and consulting on processes and energy optimization.
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Regardless of the problem, we have the solution.

Benzlers has a comprehensive program of gear and transmission solutions.

Standard gearboxes

Large selection of gear solutions.

Benzlers’ gearboxes, gear motors, and industrial gearboxes in all versions. You will find a solution here for most jobs.

Industrial gearboxes

In line with its strategy
"Always one step ahead of technology"
presents the Elecon EOS series
- The answer to the industry's needs.

Made for the application.

A gear unit for your job?

If our standard solutions are not good enough, we will construct a gearbox solution specifically for your job. Have a look at these examples.

Consulting, Service & Rebuild

Benzlers’ technical know-how in the field of mechanical transmissions is acknowledged in many important industrial fields.

We have delivered solutions to the energy sector, the paper industry, mining and quarrying, cement, the food industry, the windmill sector, and, in general, anywhere there is a need for a high level of professional engineering competence with industrial gearboxes and other transmissions.

The jobs we get are everything from emergency breakdown help to training maintenance staff and consulting on processes and energy optimization.
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