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A Series

Antwort an die Kranindustrie
Größere Flexibilität
Höhere Drehmomentwerte


Elecon keeping in line with its strategy of “Gearing the Future “Elecon presents the “Abhyuddharati-Series” answer to the crane industry.

Elecon recently developed “A Series” as per the industry requirements, it offer greater flexibility and has been developed keeping in mind crane industry requirements and offers the greater flexibility, advantages with wide range of future.

It has specially designed for drives of transporting equipment, lifting gears, cranes and elevators.

Higher torque ratings. With special future “A- series “has three and four stages with transmission ratio range between 14 to 280. Also there are different mounting positions like Horizontal, over driven and Torque mounting. Two keys at output shaft for better safety, and there is Key fitted flanged hub on output shaft for direct mounting to the rope drum.

We designed “A Series” for maintain balance Thermal & Mechanical.


  • Main Hoist
  • Long Travle
  • Cross Travel
  • Aux. Hoist


  • Crane Industry
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